Describe Juliet's relationship with Romeo at Act III, scene 5 of the play? What has happened before this scene? How did they meet? What difficulties have they have so far?

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After meeting at a party at the Capulet home, Romeo and Juliet fall in love and decide to get married although their families are in a long-standing feud. Even though Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, the day of their marriage, Juliet still loves him and wants to be with him.

Act 3 scene 5 of "Romeo and Juliet" begins the morningafter the couple consumates their marriage. Soon after Romeo leaves their wedding bed, Lady Capulet informs her daughter that her marriage to Paris has been arranged and will occur on Thursday. This is a huge problem for Juliet as she is already married. She tells her parents that she would rather die than marry Paris, and her father tells her that if she does not, he'll disown her and would rather see her dead as well.

Nurse advises Juliet to proceed with the marriage to Paris. According to her, Juliet's marriage to Romeo is doomed because of his banishment. Juliet thanks the nurse for her words, but she is infuriated by her advice and proceeds to seek the friar for an alternate assessment of the situation. If this doesn't pan out, Juliet plans to commit suicide.

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