Describe Julia and the underlying function of her character in the novel.

Expert Answers
gpane eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Julia is a young, pretty dark-haired girl whom Winston is attracted to from the first. However to begin with he is frustrated because she seems inaccessible; she is a member of the Anti-Sex League, set up by the Party to train young people out of their natural urges. But it turns out that, like Winston, she conforms to the Party only outwardly; she rebels in secret. They start a series of clandestine meetings and have an affair. Julia and Winston are alike in being united against Party aims but while he is a thinker, she is sensual, and more practical.He is always brooding on the larger picture while she is concerned with more immediate and practical details. Winston represents the rational side of the rebellion against the Party; Julia represents the instinctual side. On a personal level, she helps to alleviate Winston's loneliness; she provides warmth and comfort in his life, if only for a time.