Describe the journey of a starch molecule in a piece of bread as it passes through the gut?

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Carbohydrates (carbon hydrates) are molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and they form the basis of our food.  They deliver the main energy reserve of the body. Glucose is the main fuel of the physical body,and it is stored as glycogen in muscle and liver.
It is found in foods that originally contain either natural sugar (fruit, honey) or starch (cereals, potatoes, etc.). Acid starch associations are incompatible
1. Starch digestion begins in the mouth under the effect of salivary enzymes which acts only in alkaline environment.The presence of an acid in the mouth at the same time  (vinegar, lemon, etc.) slows down or even make disappear enzyme action;
2. Unchanged starch in the mouth then rots in the stomach;
3. Such starch, once reached the stomach can not be prepared to subsequent action of pancreatic amylase ;
4. Acid digestion of food consumes more energy, same starch digestion, leading to depleting reserves allocated for digestion;
5. acid-starch digestion times are different (fruits digest faster and the starch and much harder). Their association  disrupt digestion times.
Meals that contain starchy foods should be placed at least 30 minutes after ingestion of acidic foods such as: yogurt, kefir, fruit acids.
Should be avoided completely use of vinegar or lemon juice to salads which are consumed together with starch! Weak concentrated starch-protein association is incompatible
1. salivary digestion of starch is in the alkaline environment, stomach digestion of proteins is in basic environment;
2. starch digestion in the small intestine is done in almost neutral environment unlike that of proteins.
Weak concentrates protein:  milk, yogurt, cheese degreased.
Example of random nefarious: croissants (much starch in flour) with milk, can cause severe indigestion. Fat concentrated starch-protein association is semi-compatible
1. proteins remain longer in the stomach;
2. starch-protein association of fat inhibits secretion of gastric acid  juice, positive to protein digestion ;
3. pancreas  takes over the digestion of proteins and it gets tired.
Fats concentrated  proteins are : butter, oil, cheese, egg yolk, nuts, olives, nuts.
 Starch-rich sugars carbohydrates association is incompatible. Reasons:
1. sugar inhibit salivary secretion enzyme necessary to digest starch;
2. two types of carbohydrates digest in different segments of the digestive tract (stomach, small bowel respectively);
3. gastrointestinal fermentation is created, the source of stomach burns.
Sample all incompatible foods: cake (starch in flour, cream and sugar syrup, butter cream).
Example of random nefarious starch-sugar: mashed potatoes sweetened.
Starch-lipid association is incompatible
1. consume energy reserves needed for digestion because there are two types of digestion in different segments of the digestive tract;
2. Free deposits of body fat: carbohydrate (starch) is transformed into glucose, the pancreas secretes insulin. Part of fat energy, which normally would have been evacuated, turn into this reserve of fat on insulin;
3. favors cellulite and obesity.
Sample disastrous food: potatoes (starch) fried  (fats become evil  because they are heat processed).
Example of completely poisonous Association: steak and fries with fat (Fried Cheese).