Describe Johnny's change in political views in chapter 5.

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In the book Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes, Johnny experienced a profound change in his political views. Although he originally did not care about politics, this soon changed after he left the silversmith shop. His new job and social interactions motivated this change.

After Johnny departed from the silversmith shop and began his new job of delivering a political newspaper, Johnny started to care more about politics. Although he previously had little experience with political matters, Johnny’s new job and social influences encouraged him to become more involved. As the book itself illustrates:

“In only a few weeks he changed from knowing little enough about the political excitement, and caring less, to being an ardent Whig.”

Additionally, the newspaper’s customers incited this change. As Johnny delivered the newspapers, the customers asked him about the political events that were occurring. As a result, he read the newspapers himself and talked with others to become more knowledgeable on the subject.

Thus, Johnny’s transformation from political passiveness to activeness was quite expedient and profound. Several factors incited this rapid change and encouraged his new political beliefs.

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