Describe Joe's reactions when he knows about Pip "expectations"? (Chapter 18)

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Joe is very happy for Pip and does not want to stand in his way. Joe refuses to take money from Mr. Jaggers to end Pip's apprenticeship and becomes angry when Jaggers offers the money to him again. Joe is appalled that anyone would think he would take money for Pip's good fortune. However, it is clear that even though Joe is happy for Pip, he is going to miss him. Pip has been his apprentice for four years. However, Pip is really oblivious to Joe. When Pip sees Biddy, he wants Biddy to help "improve" Joe. Biddy realizes that Joe is happy where he is and doesn' t want to be "improved". Pip is becoming guilty of false pride at the promise of being given a chance to leave the forge and become a gentleman. It will take Pip the rest of the novel to finally realize how truly good Joe is to him.

sandydd | Student

  Joe is astonished at Pip's expectations. He stands motionless and get slightly annoyed when Mr. Jaggers's constantly asks what Joe want as to compensate for the lost of Pip. He says nothing can replace his "friend" Pip. Even though he feels sad about Pip's leaving, but because of his selfless heart, he does not persuade Pip not to leave. Instead, he and Biddy tries to dissemble their feelings. Dickens, through his reactions, also subtly implies that even in his impoverish state, he still acts noble.

  Joe's relationship with Pip also have changed. Pip have always look up to Joe, but now he have met Estella and have the fortune, his desire of becoming a gentleman cause him not to be content with the good people surrounding him.

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