How was Jacob himself “tricked’ later in his life?  

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is highly ironic that for a character who displays such propensity to trick and deceive others, he finds that he himself is tricked and deceived later on in his life. Jacob is famous for the way that, with his mother's help, he cheated his twin brother, Esau, out of his birthright from his father Isaac. He certainly is a wily individual, as is shown when he also cheats his father-in-law Laban out of some of his best animals.

However, at the same time, he finds that he experiences what it is like to be tricked too. Let us remember that he labours for seven years for Laban to marry his daugher, Rachel, only to find that he has been married to her elder sister, Leah, instead. He therefore has to work another seven years before gaining Rachel. In the same way, later on in his life, when he has his twelve sons, they deceive him about Joseph and what happened to him, causing him great sadness and grief in his last days. They convince him that Joseph was killed by some wild beast while secretly they had sold him into slavery. Jacob is therefore a character who experiences himself the pain and anger of being deceived by others.