Describe interpersonal communication and assertiveness.

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Interpersonal communication skills and  using the right level of assertivenss are essential to a productive and healthy working life where employed or in a self employed business. These skills are often referred to more informally these days as 'people skills.' They are important because good business, productive work and agency communication depend upon respect. This can take many forms, for example even knowing how to professionally approach someone, write them, email them, inhvite them and thank them appropriately are vital. Professional etiquette and protocols help because they provide a frame work where all participants understand the territory and therefore feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed enough to broker and discuss deals, or just provide their best work.

Social niceties such as meeting and greeting in Reception, taking coats and luggage, offering orientation and refreshments in a welcoming waiting lobby are surprisingly important, They give the impression that all is under control and the meetings will be positive and have productive outcomes. It is all about bringing out the best in people. If standards slip, mistakes are made or clients time wasted, that is the time for assertiveness - but it must still be courteous, polite and well informed. These skills can be brushed up in company workshops and employee progress monitored in human resources reviews.

eli468 | Student

Interpersonal communication is when information, feelings, and meaning is exchanged between two or more people. It is made up of verbal and non-verbal communication. This communication occurs between two or more people whenever they are in the same place and know each other are there. If you get on a bus and look at someone for a second and they look back you have just established a communication with this person. Communication is all about verbal skills and body language. It sends messages back of forth between people.

Assertiveness is when you express yourself; thoughts, feelings, wishes, desires. It is the ability to stand up for yourself and express your feelings in an honest manner to someone or multiple people. It is an important part of interpersonal communication.