Describe the integrated approach of customer relationship management (CRM)

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The integrated approach of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves finding ways to engage in profitable and customer-service oriented discourse with customers across all aspects of the customer life cycle. A business enterprise's goal should be to serve their customers with a high-level of care - from first contact right through to after sales service.

An integrated approach to CRM involves having all departments who have a stake in the customer relationship be involved in the initiatives to further the customer relationship. CRM means obtaining a better understanding of customers and what they want from the company, as well as its products and services.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. CRM puts them at the forefront of all a company does, because without quality care of, and a through understanding of customers, all other corporate initiatives will ultimately fail, or at the very least deliver results that do not contribute properly to a company's growth and profits.

The integrated approach, involving all departments who deal with customers during the customer life cycle, must be a long-term strategy. It often takes many contacts with customers to develop trust, which leads to repeat business beyond a first sale. A company must include departments beyond the sales desk. The finance, production, the service and repairs, and any other department that engages with customers must be part of the integrated approach to CRM.

The integrated approach to CRM also involves asking for feedback from customers concerning an enterprise's products and services. The goal is to get a complete view of customers expectations, issues, problems, and concerns, as pertains to the company. This well-rounded view of what customers desire is at the heart of quality CRM.

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