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Describe the information processing tasks that computers can do better than people and tasks that people can do better than computer

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Computers are much faster at manipulating concise pieces of data. Mathematical operations and other processes that can be reduced to manipulation of numerical data can be processed much more quickly and accurately by computers than by the human brain. If a programmer can create software that sets out the procedures to be applied to pieces of information, the computer can carry out the procedures.

However, computers are not able to complete processes for which they have not been programmed. Computers cannot independently categorize information or organize it into related groups. Data produced by a computer will be provided in whatever form the software sets out; it cannot adjust display of outcome information in response to factors that become evident as the data is produced. Computers cannot adjust functions or processes in response to emotional influence or impact conveyed by the data, cannot creatively react to results, cannot deviate from the specifications of the program under which they are functioning. People are able to adjust "on the fly" if results indicate the need, can change procedures to better accomodate and apply information as it is produced.

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