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Describe Indo-Pakistani relations.

Today, a delicate peace exists between Pakistan and India. Since their partition in 1947, there have been periodic violent conflicts. The status of Kashmir still remains a point of contention. Issues of cross-border terrorism sometimes occur, although both counties have agreed to work to maintain peaceful relations.

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India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947 after the withdrawal of the British from the subcontinent. Since then, the relationship between these two nations has been a fraught one. The population of Pakistan is mostly Muslim and India is primarily Hindu. However, there are significant religious minorities in each. The partition led to eruptions of violence and massive dislocation in communities divided by the new borders. Millions of religious minorities fled their homes for safety and recognition across the new borders of these countries.

Perhaps the greatest bone of contention is over the region of Kashmir. When the initial partition took place, the Hindu ruler of the region, Hari...

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