Describe the incident from The Story of My Life when Helen was amost burnt.  

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Helen Keller describes many of the events that shape her life in her autobiography, The Story of My Life. She is an inquisitive child and her mother tries to allow her as much independence as possible. Helen knows she is different but it does not stop her from asserting herself and exploring life.

One potential problem is Helen's insistence on solving her own problems. Her apron gets wet so Helen dutifully spreads it out in front of the fire as she knows it will dry in the heat - but apparently not quickly enough for Helen. Moving closer to the fire , she then throws the apron on to the hot ashes and is soon encircled in the flames. Fortunately, she is able o utter a cry which brings Viny, the servant to her aid and she puts the fire out. Helen is not badly burnt, except for her hands and hair.

Helen relates this incident like any other and does not stop to philosophise on it or consider the potential for harm. It seems she was largely unaffected at the time. There is little that can stop the indomitable spirit of Helen Keller.  


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