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Describe how the incident that induced Miss Havisham to become a recluse brought Estella and Pip together. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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After Pip goes to London to begin his education and training to be a gentleman, he meets Herbert Pocket again as they become boarders together at Barnard's Inn.  While they eat supper, Herbert relates the tale of Miss Havisham:

She was a spoiled child whose mother died when she was a baby.  The father, who was very rich and very proud, denied her nothing.  He had a brewery next to the Satis House and privately married his cook, who gave birth to a boy.  After the cook died, the father told his daughter what he had done; then, the son began to reside in the house.  But, he became a most disreputable young man, riotous, extravagant and undutiful--so bad, in fact, the father had disinherited him, but relinquished and left him well off. 

When the letter arrived and Miss Havisham read the contents, she closed Satis House, shutting out the dark.  Curtains were closed and candles lit...

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