Describe the importance of the physical environment in the Hospitality Studies Centre to promote learning.indepth info

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Start by looking around the Hospitality Studies Centre and identifying the factors that it has to support students in the learning process. Are there items to reduce student stress, like comfortable chairs or cup holders or music in the background? Does the Centre have equipment that students need when studying, such as lots of outlets for computers, wi-fi access, printers available in the Centre? Is there good lighting, desk space to spread out, a comfortable temperature?

A "physical environment" would include all those kinds of considerations. After identifying the factors that are present, think about why they are there - how do each of those factors help students to be more efficient learners? The answers to that question, for each of the factors you find, will be your description of how the physical environment was designed and assembled to support and promote learning.