Describe the importance of acoustic protection. 

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Acoustics is the study of waves, vibrations and sound and its most common applications lie in the sound and noise control industries. Acoustic protection is the application of soft and porous material to protect individuals against undesirable sounds and noises.

Acoustic protection is employed not only for physical health, but for psychological wellbeing as well. A student's performance, employee productivity, and an individual's sleep/rest are all affected by ambient noise and sounds. Animals and birds have also been reported to express discomfort due to higher noise and sound levels. Acoustic protection is also necessary to minimize stress levels generated due to high noise. Acoustic protection may also be required to protect structures against vibrations generated by objects, such as trains and earthquakes. This is also required to control the noise generated during construction and/or development activities.