Describe the impact that the invention (sewing machine, light bulb and steam engine) had on either society, the economy and or politics.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All three of these inventions had important impacts on society and the economy, but little in the way of direct impacts on politics.  Let us examine how this is so.

The sewing machine and the light bulb had a huge impact on the economies and societies of their time.  Economically speaking, the invention of the sewing machine affected both big businesses and individual families.  This invention helped make it possible for large companies to mass produce clothing.  This helped to make the textile industry one of the major drivers of the Industrial Revolution.  On the household level, the sewing machine had at least two economic impacts.  First, it allowed women to sew clothes for their families more quickly and easily.  Second, it allowed families to buy clothes relatively cheaply, allowing women to spend their time on other things.  The major economic impact of the light bulb was that it allowed factories and other businesses to run even in the night.  This increased economic production dramatically.

The steam engine was one of the most economically important inventions of all time.  The steam engine essentially created the Industrial Revolution.  It did this in at least two ways.  First, it provided the power for huge textile mills in England.  Second, it helped allow the mining of coal from places that could not previously be mined (it helped by pumping water out of the mines).  This coal fueled the steam engines that ran the factories.

These inventions also changed society.  By improving the economies, these inventions helped people have better lives.  In addition, each of these inventions changed the ways in which people lived.  The steam engine allowed them to do things like travelling on trains.  The invention of the sewing machine let them have more clothes of various kinds.  Most importantly, the light bulb allowed them to continue to have lives after dark.  All of these things made societies more pleasant.  They allowed people to do things that had not previously been possible.  They allowed them to see more of the world, to feel richer because they had more clothes, and to have more leisure time due to the presence of electric light.

Politically, the impacts of these inventions were more indirect.  Politics was affected by the Industrial Revolution in general, but not really by any of these inventions in particular.  The Industrial Revolution created a society where there was a mass of workers who were relatively poor, working for a few people who were very rich.  It also created societies that were very urban.  Both of these things changed the politics of industrial countries.  However, it is hard to credit these changes to any specific invention.  Rather, they were caused by the general industrialization that these inventions helped to bring about.

CaitlynnReeves | Student

These three inventions had a tremendous impact on society. 

The sewing machine revolutionized textile manufacturing. One person could do double the work with a sewing machine that they could while hand stitching. With increased productivity the cost of textiles went down. Fine lenens and clothing became much more acccessible to the common person. Nice clothes were no longer exclusive to the elite. This helped to create a larger middle class. 

The light bulb also increased productivity as working into the evening became possible. Everything from working to studying to social gatherings were no longer limited by the hours of daylight. 

It's hard to describe the changes that the steam engine brought. People could now travel great distances at a reasonable price. Travel was no longer reserved for the elite, once again contributing to the creation of a middle class. Goods could be transported greater distances, making regional goods available across the nation.