Describe the impact of the sewing machine.

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The sewing machine was one of the inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Elias Howe invented it. The sewing machine made it much easier and quicker to make clothes. Along with the spinning jenny and power loom, the sewing machine had a tremendous impact on the textile industry. As a result of the sewing machine, it took less time manufacture clothing products. This helped businesses sell more clothes. The invention, along with other inventions, allowed our economy to grow and develop. More jobs were created as the demand for clothes increased. It also was less expensive to make clothes with the development of the sewing machine. The sewing machine also allowed people to make or repair their own clothing more easily. It also provided more free time for people since it took less time to make or repair the clothing. The sewing machine, along with other inventions, affected our way of life in positive ways.


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