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Ikemenfuna is a boy who was gifted to as a way to make peace after a young girl from the village was killed.  He lives in Okonkwo's home, and fills the gaps that his own son, Nwoye, cannot.  He adjusts quickly, and even seems to enjoy his life in Okonkwo's village. 

He also earns love and respect in the village because of his knowledge and kind character.  Although he is only two years older than Nwoye, he is very knowledgable, worldly, and can do almost anything he sets his mind to.  He can identify almost all birds and trees, he traps rodents, tells stories, and makes musical instruments. 

Ikemenfuna lives with Okonkwo's family for three years before the Oracle requests that he be killed.  He is taken out to the forest by a group of men (including Okonkwo) and is slaughtered.  The affects of his death cause a deep depression in Okonkwo.  The death causes Okonkwo to be angry with his father and the path he laid for him also. 

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