Describe and identify conflicts in the novel  Individual vs_______

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There are three key conflicts in the novel, all of which are within the characters themselves. Firstly, Widge is unsure of the difference between right and wrong: he has always just done as requested of his masters. When he is met with the dilemma of stealing the play and betraying his new friends, Widge’s journey into defining right and wrong for himself begins. He also has the inner conflict of trust versus personal survival. He learns to have faith in others and himself.


Falconer/Mr Bass has the obvious inner conflict of ‘playing’ two distinct parts – the surly unforgiving assistant and the generous master. Widge questions the idea of which was his ‘true self’.


Julian/Julia also has the inner conflict of being driven to be a player despite being a girl. Her conflict is resolved as she leaves for France where women are allowed to act.

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