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Describe how you research a subject of violent crimes on college campuses,

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This will depend a great deal on what aspect of violent crimes on college campuses you want to research.  In general, though, your research will probably consist of looking through printed statistics.

I can think of a number of possible research topics on this subject.  You could look at:

  • Are most violent crimes committed by students against students or are they committed by outsiders?
  • Are women victimized more often than men?
  • What types of violent crime are most common on college campuses?
  • Where on campus are most violent crimes committed?  Are they committed in dormitories?  Are they committed in dark and secluded places on campus?  Is that different for different crimes?

For all of these, you could try to compare different kinds of colleges.  You could look at urban campuses versus more rural ones.  You could look at private colleges and public ones.  You could look at them based on the size of the student body.

Again, there are any number of possible research topics that you could investigate with regard to this subject.

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