Describe How is Tom a Christ-like figure.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tom can be seen as Christ- like in several ways.  Like Christ, Tom never takes the form of the world around him.  His environment, especially under Simon Legree, is one of brutality and cruelty, a horrifying lack of dignity present all around him.  Yet, Tom does not succumb to this.  It is because of his faith and devotion to Christianity that Tom will never be "owned" by Legree or anyone of this world.  Tom is a servant of Christ, just as Christ was a servant of God.  In this light, Tom believes in a transcendence that is not of this contingent, similar to Christ.  His death is Christ- like, with the blood from his hands, and the calls to forgive his transgressors.  Like Christ's crucifixion, it is clear that Tom's death is an awakening for all those who are blind to slavery and the cruelty that one human being can perpetrate upon an another.  Tom's death accomplishes the unity between he and his God, just as Christ's death accomplished the same unity for all of humanity.

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