Describe how Tish's personality changes throughout If Beale Street Could Talk. How and why has she changed so much?

Tish's personality changes throughout Baldwin's If Beale Street Could Talk because she has to deal with the racial injustice affecting her and her lover's lives as well as the stigma of being an unmarried pregnant woman.

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To explore the changes in Tish's personality in James Baldwin's novel If Beale Street Could Talk, closely inspect the various challenges she has to confront and how they affect her disposition. Prior to the tumultuous events that uproot their lives, Tish and Fonny's relationship is one filled with ardent love and affection; their connection gives them an optimistic outlook on life. Though Tish still loves Fonny, his wrongful imprisonment eats away at the hope she once had.

Moreover, she is pregnant with Fonny's child and now has to deal with the shame associated with being an unwed mother. Tish becomes weighed down by all the burdens in her life. Think about whether these burdens crush her completely or if she is able to find solace and support.

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