Describe how the dynamic has changed, over the last decade, between managers and workers.

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As time goes on, the relationship between managers and workers has been slowly shifting towards a less hierarchical one. This can be attributed to a number of factors. While it was certainly true a decade ago, it's clearer if you think back several decades ago. In general, work about midway through the 20th century wasn't terrifically complex and was more menial in general. When we think of the 1950s or the time before it, we think about factory jobs that don't require much skill aside from repetitive labor. To keep these employees focused, managers would need to be strict and commanding. This has been reducing over time, but was more true a decade ago than it is now.

The fact that work has become more complex, team-oriented, and time-restricted in the last decade means that managers have to interact with employees completely differently. They have to work alongside them to help get projects done, rather than commanding them with an iron fist. A modern workplace has lots of complex tasks that involve a ton of different moving pieces. Any good manger will need to understand in depth what each employee is good at to match them up and create successful teams to tackle projects.

The past decade in particular has seen a meteoric rise in "computer" jobs that require tricky time management and a variety of different skills. A manager now must take a guiding role for their employees, as they are often more skilled at what they are doing than the manager is. The manager instead needs to know about people and social skills.

The main piece to remember here is that computer science and the internet has been the main changing force in the past decade or so, but that it represents a trend that has existed for a long time. Hierarchies are breaking down and new skills are being emphasized. I hope this helps, good luck!

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