Describe how Stella's child offers the only hope of reconciliation between the two opposing worlds of Kovalski and Debois?this question is from the Streetcar named desire by tennessee williams

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original Streetcar play version did not specify a way in which the baby could have saved the relationship between Stella and Blanche, because the focus of their separation was Stella's inability to let go of Stanley, her perverse sexual attraction to him, and her detachment from Blanche and Blanche's issues.  However, in the movie version we find that Stella took her baby and moved in with Eunice and left Stanley for good.

Based on THAT ending, we can assume that the baby could have been the vehicle by which Stella could have found the strength and dignity to end her violent relationship. Blanche would have seen a version of herself being reborn in Stella's child, and both women could have gone away to start over in order to prevent another one of their kin to suffer the tragedies each woman was undergoing.

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