Describe how science can have an effect on society.

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Science affects all the aspects of a society. To start with, all the infrastructural facilities (that we are so used to) are products of science, whether we think of roads, trains, electricity, water & wastewater treatment (& conveyance), houses, phones, etc. Think what would our existence be without these forms of transportation, communication and convenience etc. One of the major impacts of science on society is the availability of food. Science has enabled sufficient productivity, storage and transportation facilities for ensuring food for all. Genetically modified crops are taking this a step further by modifying crops at a genetic level. Science is also helping us in educating people, whether by means of audio-visual aids or long-distance learning. New educational practices have been developed to ensure better learning and retention. Health is another area where science has made enormous contributions and has ensured long lives for most of us. 

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