Describe how savagery is seen within Ralph in Lord of the flies.Ralph was happy when he successfully hit the pig, and he did not stop it when the other boys were beating Robert.

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bigdreams1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Ralph was definitely not the most savage on the island, we do see it peek out from his charming and reasoned leadership now and again. I think Golding let us see glimpses of his not so perfect side as a commentary on human nature...that even the best among us have a dark side that comes out when civililzation is removed.

You are right...we do see Ralph's savage side when he hits the pig with his spear and he gets downright excited about it. His macho-hunter side brags to his peers and he demands to be noticed for his ability to be a hunter too.

We see it also when Ralph and Piggy join in with the chanting on the beach and do nothing when the other boys kill Simon.

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