Describe how the speaker feels that loneliness is a blessing in "I Wandered Lonely as Cloud."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Interesting question offered.  I would say that the speaker, presumably Wordsworth, is not one who sees his condition as "lonely" or embodying "loneliness."  The use of such terms implies that the speaker wishes to be a part of a normative community.  The speaker might be "alone" from conventional society, but there is little to indicate that he is lonely.  It is here where Wordsworth pivots, as he argues that his community is of the natural setting.  The speaker of the poem seems to argue that one is never devoid of company in the setting of nature.  The dancing daffodils help to form "a crowd," helping to make certain that the speaker is not alone when the natural setting.  The speaker's love of nature and the "bliss" that is afforded with such solitude is one where there is no sense of "lonely," but rather one in which there is a joy in the immersion with nature.  This personification of nature as one that is a companion to the speaker prevents him from even remotely being considered "lonely" or isolated from the normative and conformist view of society.  It is here where I think that speaker finds comfort and a sense of blessing in his condition in the poem.