Describe how one story detail helps you visualize Rainsford's fear of General Zaroff

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There is no doubt that Rainsford is terrified of General Zaroff. It is stated from the opening of the hunt when we are told that as he ran he was not thinking properly and "he had plunged along, spurred on by the sharp rowers of something very like panic". Later after Rainsford realizes that the General had let him live after tracking his trail to the tree and that the General was just toying with him, "Rainsford knew the full meaning of terror". He continues to flee from the great hunter and feel more and more terrified. We are told later in the story as he flees from General Zaroff that he knew how "an animal at bay feels". This brings back the conversation with Whitney about animals feeling fear. At the end this is repeated as Rainsford tells Zaroff that he is "still a beast at bay".


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