Oedipus Rex Questions and Answers
by Sophocles

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How does Oedipus respond to each revelation, and what does his reactions suggest about his character as presented in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex?

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Oedipus has one moment of revelation when Jocasta tells him that Laius was killed by thieves "where three wagon-roads meet" (744). When Oedipus learns further that Laius was killed where the road from Phocis splits and leads to both Delphi and Daulia and that Laius looked a great deal like Oedipus he begins to remember that one time he killed a man at that very same intersection. His reaction is to become horrified and tremble and demand of Zeus why he permitted Oedipus to kill a man at that crossroads. His reaction shows us that he is a moral man and one to regret any past moment of impetuousness. His reaction further tells us that he fears the gods, both for any fates they dole out and for any punishments.

Oedipus has a second moment of revelation when he learns from the messenger from Corinth that, not only has...

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