Describe how Juliet's mother behaves when she comes to inform Juliet about the arrangement her father made to have her marry Paris. 

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Lady Capulet enters Juliet's chamber to tell her the news, her daughter does not respond as she expects. Juliet swears never to marry Paris, or anyone else. Lady Capulet does not, of course, know what the audience does: Juliet is already married to Romeo. Lady Capulet is decidedly unsympathetic, telling her daughter to inform Lord Capulet of her decision when he arrives. When he walks in the room, enquiring if Juliet has been made aware of her pending marriage, Lady Capulet says "I would the fool were married to her grave!" Not only is this a shocking statement to make about one's own daughter, and one which certainly makes Lady Capulet an unsympathetic character, but it is of course, foreshadowing the death of young Juliet. Of course, Lord Capulet also responds abusively, swearing to turn his daughter out into the streets to beg if she refuses to wed. But Lady Capulet's response to the situation is equally harsh and hardly what one would expect from a loving mother.

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