Describe how the issue affects the main characters and protaganists, what the issue stems from,how the issue manifest itself and is it resolved.

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There are lots of issues or conflicts in this book.

Racism, classism, and gender issues are the primary ones, and all of these conflicts arise from the setting.

This story is set in the deep south--Alabama--during the 1930's, which is when Jim Crow laws were in effect. There was deep racisim, which are the cause of the Tom Robinson conflict.

The story is set in the 1930's during the Great Depression, a time when the poor were very poor and even the wealthy had very little. This allowed the differences between the classes (upper-class, middle class, etc) to become very obvious, as in the case of Scout vs. Walter Cunningham

Gender issues cause considerable conflict because Scout is pressured to "act like a lady". Again, the 1930's were a time when the woman's place was in the home. Scout does not fit any of the usual descriptions of little girls for that time period, which causes both her brother and her Aunt Alexandra to pick on her about her unladylike behaviors and characteristics.

None of these issues are really "resolved" per se. However, they are at least brought to the forefront and looked at critically and not swept under the rug, which was the common attitude towards such things in the 1930's. Unconventional meant it was not discussed, but at least these issues are raised in order to get a discussion going about them so the ideas can be evaluated.

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