Describe how Islam is a revolutionary force in Africa. 

Islam itself is NOT a revolutionary force. When you say Africa I assume that you are talking about mostly the north and Middle East such as Egypt. These revolutionaries are Islamic Fundamentalist Extremists. They believe that everyone should give up western influence and go back to Islamic traditions full on, and they want to impose these on all people regardless of what those people may think. This has a lot to do with the Jihadi groups such as Al Qaeda. Muslims are not terrorists, only those fundamentalists are. And, if you look at history, you will see that there were many other fundamentalists of other religions willing to impose their beliefs on others, including Christians. In fact, Europe, during the late Middle Ages to Renaissance suffered heated conflict between Catholics and the newly formed Protestants and this turned bloody. Islam is not a revolutionary force, it is the groups that are claiming so, and to most people these are considered more like terrorists than anything else. They are upset about western involvement and in the Middle East/Northern Africa, so they feel obligated to commit "revolutionary" acts (terrorism).