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Describe how the human body develops immunity after an infection

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Immune system of the human body is responsible for protecting our cells from damage due to foreign bodies that enters our system. This is primarily protecting the human body from diseases. Anything that is inside the body that cells do not recognize as member of the system can be considered foreign and is qualified for destruction by the immune system.

How the immune system works starts in the cells. The cells involved are the white blood cells or leukocytes that seek, destroy and remember the foreign object inside the system. They are basically classified as phagocytes and lymphocytes. Phagocytes engulf the intruder and digest/dissolve it inside the cells. Lymphocytes on the other hand has two types the T and B lymphocytes. B lymphocytes is the tracker or the one that remembers the foreign object and the B lymphocytes are the one that attacks the certain foreign object.


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