Describe how, from the view point of the French, the American Revolution was a great success.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the French viewed the American Revolution as a great success as it shows that the lower classes or that the "masses" can successfully wrestle power from the entrenched ruling elite.  In this paradigm, I think that the British rule would be seen as the Status Quo and the Colonial movement can be seen as French masses that were able to overthrow the ruling monarchy.  From the French royalty point of view, the American Revolution had to have been seen as something ominous.  The conditions in both nations were strikingly similar.  In this, the French were able to take an example from the American Revolution as to how their own revolution can be waged.  Jefferson's writing served as an inspiration to the French's notion of declaring the rights of human beings.  The desire to use theoretical foundations as justification for political change was something that the French saw as highly relevant and meaningful.  In this, the American Revolution became something that the French were able to find some level of inspiration and be able to deduce that a similar change and transformation could be realized in their nation, as well.