Describe how the executive branch of government affects your daily life in detail.

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The executive branch of the government, headed up by the president, is responsible for carrying out the laws of the country. That impacts each of us every day because federal agencies (all of whom fall under the purview of the executive branch) create and enforce laws in every part of society, from the FDA (regulating food safety and medicines) to the EPA (regulating environmental protections) to the FCC (regulating TV, radio, and telephones).

So when you go to the grocery store each day, you are directly impacted by what pesticides the FDA does and does not allow in your produce. When you sign up for a new mobile phone service, the government may have ruled that two companies could or could not merge (which is handled by the Federal Trade Commission). As head of the executive branch, the president appoints many of the positions in the federal agencies listed aboveā€”as well as many others, like the Department of Education.

The president also impacts our daily lives by appointing judges,...

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