Describe how each of the two sides of the Cold War (U.S./capitalism versus Soviet/communism) tried to meet its needs from 1943-1951.

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Both the Soviet Union with its system of communism and the United States with its system of capitalism tried various actions to meet their needs between 1943-1951. The Soviet Union worked to spread the communist system to various countries. The goal of the communist system was to spread it throughout the world. The Soviet Union helped to create communist governments in Eastern European countries such as in Poland and Romania. They also tried to spread communism to Asia, including Korea. There were attempts to try to spread it to Western Europe also.

The United States tried to prevent communism from spreading. We developed a policy called containment that was designed to try to keep communism from spreading. We provided aid to countries to help keep them noncommunist. We believed that a strong economy would deter the spread of communism. We provided economic aid to various countries, including Greece and Turkey, to help to keep them from becoming communist.

Both countries also developed military alliances and helped with military actions to help them meet their needs. We formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949 while the Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact in 1955. Both countries also aided countries that were on their side. We helped South Korea in the Korean War while the Soviet Union aided North Korea in that conflict. We also helped the non-communists in the Chinese Civil War while the Soviet Union helped the communists. When the Soviet Union tried to force the Allies out of West Berlin, we developed the Berlin Airlift to fly supplies into West Berlin. The Berlin Airlift worked as the Soviet Union eventually removed the blockade.

Both sides were determined to accomplish their goals. They took various actions to try to meet their needs during this time period.

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