DESCRIBE how each of the following organized to protest their oppression?1. The Grange: 2. The farmer's alliance: 3. The populist party:

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The Grange was organized after the Civil War in response to problems individual farmers, mostly homesteaders, were having with commodities prices.  Much of the problem centered around the railroad and grain elevators.  Farmers felt that grain prices were artificially low, and they could organize so they would not be taken advantage of.  This movement became very influential and increasingly involved in other politics and led to the formation of the Farmer's Alliance.  Think of it as a union for farmers.  The problem was no longer the railroads, but overproduction of crops.  Every farmer who homesteaded basically produced wheat, and it flooded the market and lowered prices.  So they focused less on railroads and more on organizing to control prices.  As the United States became less agrarian and more industrial, the Populist party took the place of the Alliance.  Now they were more concerned with politics, and workers' rights, than farmers.