Describe how each of the firm's goods and/or services can create different types of utility. American express visa or mastercard, flicker or online digital photo service, clud med,, supervalu supermarkets

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There are four forms of utility: form utility, which takes raw materials and uses them to create finished forms, place utility, which provides value by making a good or service available at a particular place, time utility, which provides value by making a good or service available at a time that is of use to the consumer, and possession utility, which transfers ownership of a good to the consumer. 

Charge cards generally afford the consumer everything but form utility, since they offer value at the right time and place and transfer possession if a good is involved.

An on-line photo lab provides all four types of utility, taking a "raw" material and creating a finished form and also giving the consumer the value of place, time, and possession utility., like the charge cards, offers everything but form utility, since it does not create anything out of raw materials.

Any supermarket is capable of offering all four forms of utility, since there is often a bakery and/or deli on the premises that takes ingredients and turns them into finished food products. 




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