Describe how Troy's behavior impacta his relationship with Cory and Rose in Fences.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that there mere title of the play might help explain how Troy's behavior impacted his relationship with his wife and son.  Part of this lies in the reality that surrounds Troy.  He was raised by a father who was incapable of showing love and in a social setting that was incapable of acknowledging his own dreams and endeavors as a human being due to racial and material limitations.  In the end, it is because of this that precludes him from fully being able to open his heart and acknowledge the importance that son and wife have in his life.  He sees his connection to both as one of responsibility.  I think that there is some level of love and affection present.  Yet, the harsh conditions of his own life have helped to form "fences" within him that have distanced him from being able to fully embrace both.  In this light, his behavior is one of intense emotional distance and one that precludes him from fully embracing them or them fully embracing him.  It is important to see Troy's behavior as reflective of the different impacts that gender, race, and class play uopn him and seeing their convergence helps to explain why the relationship between the family members is a frayed one, at best.