In "An Astrologer's Day," describe how the astrologer felt at the end of the story.  

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As fate would have it, the astrologer meets with his long time enemy. While Guru Nayak does not recognize the astrologer, the astrologer definitely recognizes Guru Nayak. Guru Nayak is a man that the astrologer had a brawl with years ago. The astrologer thought he had killed Guru Nayak and left him in a well for dead. 

Now, as it turns out, Guru Nayak survived. He is presently sitting in front of the astrologer demanding to know what happened to the man who stabbed him years ago. Guru Nayak wants to kill the man who attacked him years ago. He is still in a rage over the incident. He demands the astrologer tell him how to find his attacker, while all the time he is talking with his attacker but does not know it. 

The astrologer manages to convince Guru Nayak that his attacker is dead. He was killed by a lorry. The astrologer convinces Guru Nayak that his attacker is indeed dead. 

With this information, Guru Nayak is satisfied and pays the astrologer for this information. 

Later that evening, the astrologer goes home and shares the whole story with his wife. The reader can see that the astrologer is relieved that the man he thought he had killed is alive and well. The astrologer is finally at peace after carrying this burden all these years. 

He stretches himself on a pyol to sleep peacefully:

The astrologer returns home late to his anxious wife and gives her the money he earned that day, adding that it all came from one client. The wife is happy but notices a slightly changed expression on her husband’s face; she asks him if there is something wrong. “Nothing,” he says but after dinner tells her that he is relieved that the man he thought he killed in a drunken brawl many years earlier is, in fact, alive. He says that it is late and goes to sleep on a pyol (mat).

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