Describe the house of Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby.

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In the first chapter, even before he goes to Tom and Daisy's house, Nick describes the residences of East Egg as glittering "white palaces."  When Nick does arrive at the home of his cousin and her husband, he describes the house as "elaborate" -- even more than he expected it would be (and he was expecting a palace!).  Their home is a Georgian Colonial of red and white, right on the bay.  The yard was a full quarter mile of gardens and sidewalks and lawn ornaments, with the "mansion" at one end and the beach at the other.  The front of the house was lined with windows (which would certainly give it the appearance of glittering when the sunlight and light reflected by the ocean hit them).  We also find out that the Buchanans have a dock, one with a green light at the very end (for it is at this light that Gatsby frequently stares when he thinks of Daisy).

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