Describe the Hooverville that Bud visits in the novel Bud, Not Buddy.

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While Bud searches for his father, he comes across a Hooverville, which is a shanty town. Many of them were constructed during the Great Depression, and homes were often made of cardboard.

Bud and Bugs are searching for a place they believe to be called Hooperville. When they stop to ask about it, they are told it is Hooverville, which Bugs calls "a cardboard jungle, somewhere you can get off the train and clean up and get something to eat without the cops chasing you out of town."

Bud looks around and realizes the city is larger than he thought and splays out in every direction. It is filled with people of different races, which Bud thinks all look orange because of the light of the fire. He thinks,

They were all the colors you could think of, black, white and brown, but the fire made everyone look like they were different shades of orange. There were dark orange folks sitting next to medium orange folks sitting next to light orange folks.

The boys eat food, listen to music, help with the chores, and talk to the residents. The next morning, Bugs gets on the train, but Bud misses it. He sees the police raid Hooverville, shooting holes in the pots and pans, tearing down the dwellings, and burning things. 

Hoovervilles were named after President Herbert Hoover. 

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In Chapter 8, Bud and Bugs arrive at a Hooverville. From the woods, they see a bunch of raggedy huts and shacks made out of old boxes and pieces of wood and cloth. Bud comments that two or three wolves could huff and puff and blow the entire Hooverville to the next county. They see a huge fire with nearly a hundred people gathered around three large pots. There are also two other smaller fires where men are boiling clothes. Bud mentions to Bugs that the Hooverville is a "cardboard jungle." As Bud and Bugs enter the Hooverville, they realize how massive it actually is. Bud comments that there are people of every race and size sitting around. A man tells Bud that there are Hoovervilles all over the country filled with people who are hungry and broke. Bud and Bugs are offered some muskrat stew and clean the dishes after they eat. Towards the end of the chapter, the police attempt to stop the residents of the Hooverville from boarding a train, and Bud returns to the Hooverville to witness the police destroying it. Bud says the police call the Hooverville a "Shantytown" and begin tearing down the cardboard houses and burning the residents' clothes in the massive fire.

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