Sri Aurobindo Ghose

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Describe the holistic view of mind body and the spirit in Sri Aurobindo's 'Is India Civilised.'

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Sri Aurobindo was radical for his time because of his insistence that spiritual liberation was the base upon which political liberation can be experienced.  In this light, Sri Aurobindo was able to draw upon the resistance movement the strokes of a paintbrush that was able to persuade others to see freedom as not a political state of the contingent, but rather a transcendent one that went beyond circumstance and condition.  Through his study of the Vedic scriptures, Sri Aurobindo recognized that spiritual planes were above the conscious mind and there was divinity in all levels of existence.  In this assertion, one sees how mind and body must be linked to the divine present in all consciousness.  This supersedes all else.  In embracing a realm where the division between mind, body, and spirit is absent, Sri Aurobindo argues spiritual and political conceptions must be embraced in the process of consciousness.  In this light, the article reflects a different position of Indian independence as a movement that has to embrace a spiritual plane before a political or social one can be recognized.

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