Describe how Jerry helps a young woman who wants to take her child to the hospital.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 43, Jerry is working on election day when he and Beauty take a lunch break.  There is general pandemonium as people race their carriages back and forth on the full streets, people are knocked down, and many men are drunk.  Before Jerry and Beauty, or Jack, as Jerry calls him, are finished with their lunches, a poor young woman comes before them, carrying a heavy child whom she says needs to go to the hospital.  She tells Jerry that a doctor has told her the boy may again be able to walk if she can bring him.

"Pray sir, can you tell me how far it is?  And which way it is?"

"Why, missus!" said Jerry. "You can't get there walking through crowds like this!  Why, it is three miles away and the child is heavy."

The brave poor woman cannot rent a cab, so she tells Jerry she is strong and can make the walk.  But, the good Samaritan Jerry insists that she get into the cab, and he will drive her there, for the rain is going to come.  When she tells him she cannot pay, Jerry explains that he, too, is a father.  "I'd be ashamed of myself to let a woman and a sick child run a risk like that."

Just as she is about to climb in, two gentlemen rush into the cab. "Engaged," Jerry tells them; however, they argue that they are in first.  To this remark, Jerry tells them they are welcome to rest themselves in his cab and turns his back.  When the men leave angrily, Jerry then takes the woman to the hospital.  As she steps down, Jerry quotes, "Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these."