Describe Hitler and the Nazi Party in the late stages of World War II.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Basically, the main thing that can be said about Hitler and the Nazi Party in the late stages of World War II is that they were both more or less falling apart.  It was clear that the war was going really badly and that led to the deterioration of both Hitler and his party.

By this point, Hitler was suffering badly from Parkinson’s disease.  He was also suffering from the stress of trying to run the war and from his realization that the war was being lost.  Hitler essentially gave up any real hope of winning the war by this time although he did, at times, seem to be delusional about things like the makeup of his forces and his ability to continue to resist.   Hitler also became rather easily enraged at this time, feeling that the German people had failed him and his vision.

The Nazi Party had always depended heavily on Hitler as its leader.  As he failed, and as the war was clearly being lost, it lost its clout.  Many of its less convinced members started to distance themselves from the party.  Regular Germans came to hate the party, blaming it for their desperate situation.  In short, both the party and Hitler lost their power and their prestige as the war was clearly being lost.