Describe the historical context of "The Storm" and discuss how this historical setting perhaps contibutes to the events that occur in the story. 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the turn of the century probably played a role in Chopin's characterizations in the short story.  Having said this, I think that Kate Chopin is a fairly interesting and unique writer in any event.  She has a way of transforming reality into a venue where different emotional experiences of characters are present.  Yet, the changing roles of men and women in American society is something that she was able to foretell in the story.  In some respects, the Victorian element of traditionalism was shattered with the story and, in its place is a vision where characters are able to act with what they desire.  There is no moral punishment for either protagonist, but rather a desire to simply be happy.  This is something that America experiences in the Jazz Age to an extent that causes great challenge in the process, but is an idea that Chopin foreshadows.  Both characters seek physical satisfaction in the other and emotional contentment elsewhere.  This idea of being able to divide relationships into carnal realms and domains of intimacy are of vital importance to the 1920s and something that Chopin might have been able to foretell.