What do Herbert and Pip's interactions when he moves to London reveal about each of them in Great Expectations?In chapter 19 when he moves to London to become a gentleman. 

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Pip’s guardians have made arrangements for him to stay with Herbert Pocket, whom Pip finds “extremely amiable and cheerful” (ch 22, p. 122).

When Pip comes into his property and has to be raised as a gentleman, Jaggers hires Matthew Pocket to tutor him.  Mr. Pocket decides to send his son Herbert to be Pip’s roommate, to help him settle in and be more comfortable.

My father thought you would get on more agreeably through to-morrow with me than with him, and might like to take a walk about London. (ch 21, p. 120)

Herbert is polite and blunt.  He explains to Pip where everything came from and how it is being paid for.  It is not until Herbert has a chance to catch his breath that he realizes Pip is the “prowling boy” and Pip realizes that Herbert is the “pale young gentleman” from Miss Havisham’s.  They understand that they knew each other before when they were children.

Both Pip and Herbert find the coincidence incredibly funny.  Herbert tells Pip why he was there.

“Yes. Miss Havisham had sent for me, to see if she could take a fancy to me. But she couldn't—at all events, she didn't.” (ch 22, p. 121)

Pip is sorry, but Herbert tells him that Estella is a “tart” and Pip can have her.  He tells Pip that Estella “has been brought up by Miss Havisham to wreak revenge on all the male sex” (p. 121).  He tells Pip he will tell him the story of Estella later.

Pip finds Herbert friendly and useful.  He knows enough about London and Miss Havisham to shed light on some questions Pip has, and he is very friendly.  Herbert and Pip get on very well.

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