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The Story of My Life

by Helen Keller

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Describe Helen's sailing experience in The Story of My Life by Helen Keller. 

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Helen Keller, in her autobiography, The Story of My Life, recounts many of the experiences she had up to the age off 22 when she wrote The Story of My Life as a means to inspire others to rise to challenges that otherwise can become a "nameless fear." (ch 5) Helen learns to appreciate everything and "learns from life itself." Amongst her many pleasurable activities, including reading and "outdoor pursuits," is sailing.

Helen has been to the ocean before but on her trip to Nova Scotia, she is able to experience the ocean in a completely different way through sailing to various places such as Bedford Basin, McNabb's Island and other fascinating places and relishing thoughts of past events and men-of-war who would have sailed the same waters. Helen recalls one "thrilling experience" in particular when she goes to "watch" races between the boats from some of the warships when the water is calm but, on the way back to shore the wind rises and a black cloud threatens. She is in a boat on the sea, the best vantage point to be a part of the excitement. Helen is not afraid and her "hands trembled with excitement" as she has complete confidence in the "skipper" who receives applause from the large boats for his bravery in facing the stormy weather. Despite being tired and hungry, Helen returns satisfied from her experience. 

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