Describe Hellen Keller's experiences at the Cambridge School.

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In order to be prepared to enter Radcliffe, Helen Keller studied at the Cambridge School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, starting in October of 1896. The other students (all girls) had hearing and sight, so the teachers were not prepared to teach a student like Helen. Anne Sullivan went to each of Helen's classes and spelled out the words in her student's hands. Helen studied English language and history, German, Latin, and arithmetic. Helen found the work tough going at times, as Anne Sullivan could not always spell out the words in her hand, and it took a while to have her textbooks embossed. Only the German teacher and Mr. Gilman, the principal who also taught Helen English literature, learned the finger alphabet to communicate with Helen. During her stay at the school, Helen enjoyed living with the other girls, and her mother and sister stayed with her. Her sister went on to study at the school for six months, and, in 1897, Helen passed all her examinations to enter college. 

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In the autumn of the year 1896, Helen "entered the Cambridge School for Young Ladies, to be prepared for Radcliffe [College]."  She quickly discovered that school was quite an adjustment.  The teachers there were not used to teaching blind or deaf students.  Helen needed many accommodations to complete her coursework.  Her teacher, Annie Sullivan, assisted Helen by fingerspelling the lectures and readings into her hand.  The only other way that Helen could communicate with her instructors was to press her fingers against their mouths as they spoke.

Helen studied many subjects at school.  These subjects ranged from literature to history.  There was a great amount of work required for her classes.  Helen was assigned large sections of reading.  It was too much for Ms. Sullivan to spell into Helen's hand, and there were not many books with raised print at that time.

Cambridge was full of new adventures.  Helen made friends, some of whom learned to communicate with her.  Eventually, her sister Mildred joined her at school.  Helen took exams for entrance into Radcliffe, which she passed.

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