Describe Hegel's connection with RomanticismHow did this influence people? Why are these concepts important?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Hegel embodies much in way of Romanticism and is deeply connected to it.  In particular, the trend of German Romanticism that impacted so much of Germanic philosophical understanding becomes embedded in Hegel's thought.  The dialectical process of comprehending historical consciousness and the role of the individual is a Romantic trait, as it places so much emphasis on the subjective as part of the process of understanding it.  Hegel "defined the absolute mind as being the totality of concepts in a dialectical process."  This reflects Romanticism because it vaults the subjective as essential to comprehending what reality is. At the same time, his willingness to see human beings as part of a larger dialectical trend is Romantic because it seeks to incorporate human consciousness in a larger configuration.  This is Romantic because it openly embraces something in which human beings are essential, but yet part of something larger.  His view of Philosophical thought as a "living and growing organism" is also Romantic because it embraces a form of living that is fluid and not static.  Such a view of Philosophical thought is not part of the Age of Reason because it imbues life in thought, a sense of the vibrance of consciousness in the mode of Philosophy.  In these ways, Hegel's connection with Romanticism is evident.