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Describe Harold in V.S. Pritchett's "The Fly in the Ointment," and use specific pieces of text to support each point. "The Fly in the Ointment" by V.S. Prichett

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In "The Fly in the Ointment" by V.S. Pritchett, Harold is a good son, but his father's criticisms have taken their toll. It speaks to Harold's character that even though his father has been an unkind parent, Harold still cares for his dad. Money is an issue. Harold, who is a married man in his thirties, worries about showing up at his father's factory in a cab—we sense that he has been intimidated in the past:

Better not arrive in a taxi, he was thinking. The old man will wonder where I got the money from.

The reader discovers that family fights over money have also been a major concern for Harold and perhaps caused him to distance himself from such turmoil—till now.

Suddenly all the money quarrels of the family, which nagged in the young man's mind, had been dissolved. His dread of being involved in them vanished. He was overcome by the sadness of his father's situation...I must see him. I must help him.

When Harold arrives, uncharacteristically, his father is very amiable. The reader learns of yet another way the father has made Harold feel inferior, unappreciated and unloved.

"Come in, Professor," said the father. This was an old family joke. He despised his son, who was, in fact, not a professor but a poorly paid lecturer at a provincial university.

Yet even though his father despises him, still Harold comes to help the older man as he transitions from success to bankruptcy. Harold watches the older man and realizes something about his father's faces: there are two! He has a bigger face—which shows a hard heart. The small face is gentler towards Harold. Harold is probably used to seeing the bigger, bullying face.

Some essence of this hardness is apparent as the father criticizes Harold's...

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tabrez1997 | Student

Harold is simply a gem of a son.But his father despices him or in other words loathes him.Harold a poorly paid college lecturer,thinks of helping his father in any way he can.Like in the last pages(We can raise it)here harold is showing his love for his father in helping to raise money .He knows that his father cant live without money.

When his father contadicts his son by telling him about the children of Bani Isreal.How they didnt need money.But on his part he is trying to swindle his son into handing over money.

Overall, Harold is a son anyone would want but his father despices him in a world where he is an "optimist'

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jessicamartin1997 | Student

He is a simple lecturer.Loves his father but hates what he has done.He doesnt want to degrade his father by telling him that what he has done is wrong.He is very thankful to what he has and doesnt want to become like his father.

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